Saturday, March 7, 2009

High Stakes Pinata Party

a picture of a custom made Meatwad pinata, originally from www.pinatas.comLast week I made a flippant remark about drinking Tequilla, and then taping a pinata to a lead pipe. The idea stuck with me, and like a loose tooth, I had to keep poking at it until something happened, or i got bored, or i forgot all about it. It's led me to a minor, yet quickly passing, obsession with pinatas. This week I learned that:

  • Somewhere in the world there is, or was, a Meatwad pinata
  • I really hate drawing pinatas
  • I really REALLY like drawing blood.

An unsavory gentleman, clearly drunk on cheap tequila, committing unspeakable acts with a pinata affixed to a lead pipe
(I'm finally getting the hang of this blogger thing, you can click the illustration for a higher res version!)

1 comment:

  1. Harsh and cold blooded! It's pretty amazing.

    I'm sorry I haven't got the blog up just yet, I'm still waiting for my views to die down to a very low number and that just wont happen haha I keep getting spiked.

    Keep up the informational drawings! This will go great for a future child's birthday party game!