Saturday, April 25, 2009

Manatee BBQ

Mr. Jerkface BBQ's a succulent mouth-watering manatee
A long while ago, I found a great article about eating manatee. Ever since, the idea has been ruminating, and now I too lust for succulent manatee.

Perhaps the real reason certain species are endangered, is not because they are inept in the arena of survival, but because they are simply too delicious? Are bald eagles the "creme de la creme" of edible aviaries? Could free-range bamboo-fed panda meat put the finest foi gras to shame? Dare I say it, could a honey smoked ocelot outshine the simple majesty that is commonly known as bacon? Someday, I will know. Someday

Coincidentally, last week I discovered you can buy mutilated manatee fine art prints online. Thank you, internets!


  1. Holy shit dude!

    After we really get the PDS rolling we need to start a,

    "Endangered species as delicacies" group. lol

  2. You should help me create the most awesome omelet of all time. I will call it "Noah’s Omelet". It will consist of two ostrich eggs, an assortment of rare and exotic cheeses and two bits of every animal I can possibly find (manatee will be added to the list). I even plan on serving it in an arc-shaped bowl. The deliciosity will be extreme!